Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Lets think again...

More than 5 years ago I started this corner where I can steam things off sometimes and write to basically other individuals behind other screens and share some ideas. I'm not saying it was a great place, it was a bit gloomy filled with basically anger, and looking through all the old posts; I decided to delete them.

Two things, major things happened since I started writing in the corner, first I got a job; i was basically an unemployed engineer who somehow thought he figured everything out. And secondly I -as people say, got more mature; which is kind of... nice.

I received a message the other day, it says (translated and sugarcoated into English): "A man will reach a point in his life where he doesn't get into arguments, simply because you don't care if the person in front of you saying a load of crap, and if someone lies to him, he will simply let him, because there is no point in showing him that you know he is lying. You will not change the universe, an idiot will always be an idiot, and nothing will remain the same. If you are happy today, chances are you won't be tomorrow, and if you are sad today; tomorrow might -just might be a better day".

If you think about it, it is 100% true.

Almost a year ago, i turned 30, and that is somehow a big deal to people. Girls hate it for some reason, and guys simply start acting strange, or they just change. Anyway, since there is a big fuss about this turning 30 thing, I searched the internet on the things you expect in your thirties and things people wished did more during their thirties, and that was a bit shocking to me.

Most people wished they traveled more, spent more time with their loved ones (family or whatever), worked less (or didn't stress too much about it), and saved more money. It made me think really hard about what the hell I am doing in my life. (and to be honest, I really didn't want that to happen, because I was going through and existential crises maybe three months before that, so I really didn't want more to think about.)

If you think I had found an answer for that, you are wrong. But I realized that I am basically spending my life so someone else can make more money, which rang an alarm.

The bottom line, I want to start writing here again, maybe for a change, maybe just release some thoughts from my head, and see if anyone agrees. Or maybe I am just sitting in a hotel feeling lonely and don't know what else to do.